Irem Kinay is born in Istanbul. She has been curating beautiful objects for her Assouline stores in Istanbul since 2010 and styling libraries for both private and commercial properties around the world. Her passion for culture and style led her to set up the atelier of Madame Malachite, to create her first collection of Cabinet of Curious Jewels in 2017, inspired by the history and cultural heritage of her native city and infused with the vibrations of natural stones. Working with local artisans whose skills have been passed down from generation to generation, she works to support her community, particularly the women whose skills are not fully utilized. Istanbul, the ancient city of Constantinople during the Byzantine rule and later the throne to the Ottoman Empire with many stories create the perfect playground for Irem Kinay. During the Byzantium period, jewels not only represented status and diplomacy, but were used as amulets protecting against bad luck or harm, which remains the philosophy behind her collection of jewels. Having spent a part of her childhood also in Southeast Asia, she is always intrigued by the exotica of the East. Madame Malachite collections are a translation of Eastern culture into the Western lifestyle.